Opulent Musk by Lattafa (100ml)

Opulent Musk by Lattafa (100ml)

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Product Description

Perfume Opulent Musk Eau de Parfum by Lattafa Perfumes is a light and fresh soft perfume with an emphasis on white musk.

White musk, saffron and delicate citrus notes form the opening top note

  • The heart note is light and floral with jasmine, white flowers and white musk.

    The base completes the perfume pleasantly with slightly woody notes. This is where sandalwood, cedar resin, fir resin, amber and white musk come into their own.

    A white musk perfume, with the typical innocent, fresh pure fragrances, but the base with the slightly resinous chords makes the perfume stand out from the mass of white musk perfumes.

    Like all perfumes with white musk, the perfume is very suitable for any occasion.

    Main accords: white musk, fresh, sweet, oriental


            Top notes                    Middle notes                        Base notes
    lemon, white musk, saffron



    white florals, jasmine


    white musk, cedar resin, fir resin, amber

    • Unisex | 100ml EDP